Event – i8 Pot Luck Theme: Tapas (MAR31)


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After taking over this meetup as Organizer with over 2500+ members, it is only fitting that we throw an ice breaker Pot Luck Dinner! Click above to join us!

Next i8 Supper Club Dinner: SEP29 (Global Modernist Cuisine)

Womita and Ben attempting the Cookie Challenge at our MAR31 Dinner.

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What’s the future of the Supper Club?

Thanks to the WordofMouthBlog for the awesome article below. Although they are a UK based blog and refer to their own country, the similarities are uncanny. We love how Supper Clubs tend to be strictly about the food, sans egos.  They also tend to be more exploratory in nature and take bigger risks with their menus. Well, at least we do. Our usual gripes? The basics: cold food, expensive and leaving hungry. You’d be surprised that few manage to get the fundamentals right. Also, why pay for someone renting the space for a Pop Up Dinner when that cost shouldn’t be absorbed by you, the diner? This is why we started our own Supper Club. Continue reading

Event – Pop Art Pop Up Restaurant – MAR10-12 – we’ll be there

Guerrilla Culinary Brigade Presents: Pop Art Pop Up Restaurant

Wow, ALL 3 nights SOLD OUT! Hope you didn’t sleep on this.
Tonight is opening night! See some of you there!Tweet us if you don’t see us @i8and8. Later!

For 3 days only, you are invited to feast on the culinary delights of wunderkind Greg Grossman and his cohorts at The Sanctuary Hotel. The menu is secret but rumor has it this dinner is sure to be one for the ages.  The dinner will be $95 per person for four courses, plus tax and gratuity. Who knows..you might even catch a glimpse of us getting down and dirty in the kitchen. :) March 10 is already SOLD OUT, so RESERVE NOW

For a Bloody good time…

Yup, they’re at it again. What better way to commemorate an Underground’s 5yr Anniversary than with a blood themed dinner, right? We are intrigued! No sweat. After all, blood is a staple during DimSum meals. We’ve had Brad Farmerie’s (Public, Double Crown) Pig blood popsicles before, so it’ll be interesting to see how this compares. That is, if we don’t chicken out first.

Review – NY Bite Club

New Year’s started off with a bang..or so I had hoped. For those of you who have been living under a rock, ‘Underground’ Supper Clubs are all the rave right now, due to the element of surprise in both location and menu. I proactively created a menu for you guys so you could see what I had. Having eaten at over 1000 restaurants, I’ve had my fair share of Popup Dinners/Supper Clubs. Prior to this, I had only two positive experiences w/ Undergrounds (no, not my own. Instead, they were the Color Palette Dinner @ Monkeytown in March 2009 and the Last Supper w/ Chef Akiyama (from LAN) @ B Flat in June 2010. Usually Undergrounds bite off more than they can chew and the food comes out cold (a la cruise dining food).  Here, things were different. Then again, I expected great things, especially after their long haitus. Portion sizes were adequate, for a change. Contrary to popular belief, I thought the dessert (pic below) was actually very creative. Then again, I love anything that gives me a mule kick when I bite into it. Albeit the lack of a TV, I will find it in my heart to forgive them for missing my Snooki moment. Continue reading