JBF Previews – July ’11-September ’11

(Courtesy: Official Website)

Here are the JBF Dinners for JULY-SEPTEMBER 2011… If you haven’t sign up as a JBF Member yet, you may want to consider it. Here’s why…

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Review – Mehtaphor

Chef Jehangir Mehta (Courtesy: Food Network)

Pop rock infringement: Mehta sues Graffit! That’s all you see all over the Internet lately. Chef Jehangir Mehta is no stranger to the spotlight, having entered The Next Iron Chef competition. Although he ultimately didn’t win, his latest venture, Mehtaphor, is always packed and the talk of the town if you want fusiony shared plates. Previously, we had checked out his first restuarant Graffiti and left on the ambivalent side. The experience here was no different. Continue reading