Free Turkey Burgers from Bistro Truck and Jennie-O JUL26-30 (updated)

L: The crew, R: Brooklyn-Style Turkey Burger (Thurs)

RECAP: Lines up the wazoo, as expected. We were at 312/500 free burgers in the queue at 12:20pm. Roughly a 20min wait amounted to…? We’re going to tell it like it is: the burger was straight up bland. I tasted no cumin or oregano in the burger AT ALL. The potato bun, while soft and chewy, was way bigger than the patty and totally overshadowed the star of the show, the turkey. We enjoyed the cool wraparound wrapper though. Free tees (all sz L) were handed out to those who posed with a turkey burger, with a release form signature so they could post pics up on their site. If you are not swayed by our feedback, feel free to check it out for yourself, as there are 2 days remaining to claim your free burgers! PICS HERE

Thursday, July 28 – Old Slip Street and Water FIDI –  The Brooklyn-Style Turkey Burger – A turkey burger sprinkled with oregano, cumin and chili powder, cooked, and fried red onions and cheddar cheese are added.

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Event – Malaysian Restaurant Week JUN13-19

Thx to TONY for this…

Event – Esquire Magazine’s “State of the Hamburger” JUN3

Plywood: Forcella, Rosarita, Frankies West, Five Guys All Coming Soon MAY13

Here’s a list of Eateries opening soon in a neighborhood near you…

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JBF Previews – June ’11-August ’11

(Courtesy: Official Website)

Here are our noteworthy picks for JBF JUNE-AUGUST 2011… If you haven’t sign up as a JBF Member yet, you may want to consider it. Here’s why…

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