Recipe – Organic Smoothiegasm

Contrary to popular belief, we have to unlearn everything we read. Even though Coconut Milk contains 25% saturated fat (aka solid at room temperature), it is good for your health.

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The Top 10 Workout Songs For Winter 2012

With the cold Winter among us and parks closed, it’s easy to fall in a rut and hibernate. That’s where we come in. One can’t simply gorge without working off the calories right? Well, one can. One would just be a fat bastard, that’s all. Here’s some pump-you-up music to get you going… Continue reading

Paid Part-Time Job: Food Pantry Manager


Part-time PAID Job : Food Pantry Manager


August 2011 to July 2012
(~10hrs/wk for one year)


Midtown-East, Manhattan


To facilitate the Food Pantry program, which includes ordering food, coordinating pantry days on Wednesdays and keeping track of inventory.

# of Vols Needed:

1-2 volunteers part-time throughout the year*

*Must commit the entire year


1-2 volunteers are needed to help run the Food Pantry at Calvary St. George’s in Midtown-East, Manhattan. These volunteer(s) would be paid a stipend up-to $250/month for their work (if it’s two volunteers, they’d share stipend). For more details, click the sign-up link below.


Financial Stipend Available, Work directly w/ Food Pantry, Resume Builder, Professional Development, Networking

Sign-up Here:

Eat the MyPlate Food Pyramid from Celebrity Chefs

Did you guys hear about the USDA’s new food paradigm? They recommend 50% fruits and vegetables daily. That is a lot, but it does make sense. For a limited time, now you can eat Ripert, Lidia, and Telepan’s interpretations. CHECK IT OUT

Event – Unlock The Taste of Summer w/ Andrea Beaman JUN21

Veria™ TV and Whole Foods Market® are teaming up for an ambitious “Unlock The Taste of Summer” promotion that features a six-city tour by chef Andrea Beaman, “Top Chef” contestant and star of Veria TV’s “Fed Up!” cooking series, who will be making in-store cooking appearances in Rhode Island, New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut beginning June 20.  Beaman will demonstrate the use of fresh summer ingredients in simple, nutritious presentations.  Attendees will be able to taste-test new recipes, receive cooking tips and advice from Beaman, as well as enjoy a complimentary drink from Honest Tea.

Whole Foods Bowery @ 6pm

Why are my damn bananas browning so fast?

Ever wonder why the 2nd rate bananas from Chinatown always expire/brown faster than the ones you get at say, Trader Joe’s? Us too. We did some digging and found some method to the madness…

5 Summer Smoothie Flavor Trends

No, the crappy drink they call smoothies at McD’s don’t count. We were unamused by those. Instead, check out our Ultimate (and timeless) Kickass Smoothie or if you are feeling trendy, check out what the folks at The Family Kitchen have to say about 5 fruits you should be using of this Summer. If you haven’t invested in a VitaMix, you might want to do so. Our Magic Bullet expired after 5yrs of heavy usage and gave us an excuse to get one. At 2 HP, one of our coworkers told us, “Your blender has more horsepower than my lawnmower”. True story.

Health – Clean your insides first

I was fortunate enough to be invited to an ‘Abs’ Seminar on board my recent cruise. It wasn’t for abs, per se, but more for Healthy Living. Peter, the fitness guy, has a Kinesiology degree so I’m assuming he knows what he’s talking about. What he said definitely made sense to me. Remember, it’s not always appearances that matter. One can look diesel, but if you eat fries every meal, your arteries are sure to be clogged, sooner or later.

Much to my surprise, I had it backwards as well. I always thought a lot of cardio could only help. It’s not true. Likewise, I thought exercise was the pillar of health. Boy, was I wrong. I had the Nutrition pyramid upside down. Instead, Exercise is the Roof and Detox is the foundation! After this article, many of you will have a new found appreciation for seaweed. Well, I know I do.

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Health – Couch Potato? Thank Us Later

Cold winters eliminate any type of outdoor sport right off the bat, no pun intended. Alternatives? The gym. Yes, I’m referring to that dreadful place where the scenery doesn’t change and you feel like you’re strapped to a torture machine. Better yet, you may even be in a class surrounded by a bunch of sweaty people who forgot to wear deodorant, or just plain don’t use it. I’m looking at you, man with a voice. Continue reading