Recipe – Kinpira Gobo

Kinpira Gobo is a lightly braised vegetable mix made of a small amount of carrots and a large amount of a vegetable known as “Greater Burdock” (Gobo in Japan).

Here’s a peak at the end result. To see how simple it is to make this dish, read on for the recipe.

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Recipes: Herb Focaccia

In the last year, bread making has become a hobby of mine.  I could think of no better bread to start off on a first-time bread making venture than focaccia.  For whatever reason, a large percentage of the focaccia out there really isn’t that good.  At least when compared with this recipe.  I can think of no better way to try to convince you to try this recipe than this: Continue reading

Kitchen Accessories: Unsung Heroes

If you’ve read our About page, you’ll know that I will mostly be covering recipes here on i8.  However, I wanted to take a moment before delving in to make a case for, what I feel, are the 2 unsung heroes of kitchen accessories.  These tools are rarely mentioned in most recipes, and seem to have a stigma associated with them not unlike the science nerd in your 8th grade class.  So much so, that I’m willing to bet a number of you don’t own at least one of them.  And even if you do, I’d bet you don’t use them to their full potential.  So take a moment to reconsider and maybe think about incorporating these into your cooking habits.
Kitchen Scale
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