WHY i8?

We are agnostic and our integrity will never be compromised. Forget the sellouts that write because they are a slave to free food and/or media. We are a breath of fresh air because we tell it like it is here, like it or not. This means regardless if our food is comped (yay!) or not (sh*t!), rest assured you will still get the unadulterated, candid 411 of an establishment. It’s great and all, but we don’t care if we get coverage in the NY Times or CNN. Our focus is the same: the discerning palates of our followers deserve to know the raw truth. Over time, you will see that we are different here in that we cut to the chase and give you the skinny, sans fluff. As a rule of thumb, you should definitely follow those with similar tastes like yourself. If you feel that one writer is a polar opposite, you might want to follow another.


Our contributing writers are all passionate freelance food writers who have regular day jobs. They are hand picked and go through an arduous screening process to cut the mustard. If they are caught slacking and/or skimping on the quality of work they deliver, they are out. Like Jay-Z says, “On to the next one!”

Jeff is a native New Yorker and is the founder of this food haven. Having eaten at over 1,500 restaurants with nothing but a SlimFast wallet to show for it, his expensive palate is somewhat refined and can hopefully taste subtle nuances in food others can’t. This ‘walking.yelp.com’ comes ‘alive at five’. By day, he is as an Independent Consultant doing geeky stuff. By night, Jeff can be found Volunteering for NY Cares or a PbP NY Tasting Event, checking out a new restaurant, cooking up a creative storm at his i8 Supper Club, or organizing one of his three Meetup.com groups. Jeff was also Staff Manager for the 2010 James Beard Awards Gala as well as Staff Manager for the 2010 NYC Wine & Food Festival. His passion for food landed him press mention in a NY Times – Dining Section article in 2008. During his limited spare time, Jeff enjoys creating new recipes in his Test Kitchen, Rock Climbing, Cooking, playing Tennis, harvesting Food Tees, and listening to Food/Self Improvement Podcasts. His other hobbies include but are not limited to fist pump marathons and GTL.


Having grown up with psychosomatic food allergies in a predominantly vegetarian household, Liz didn’t learn to eat until 2008, when it dawned on her that she’d been living a self-imposed ascetic existence in one of the world’s most dazzling culinary cosmopolitans. She’s making up for lost time by dining out as frequently and diversely as possible, provided restaurants are located south of 42nd Street, and within reasonable latitude of the L train. Liz will be diverting herself from the neurosis caused by entrepreneurship in the financial services sector by helping readers to round out their menu and grocery store lexicons, and spotlighting unsung heroes of NYC’s vibrant food industry. Additional interests include Traveling, Reading The Thesaurus, and Unlikely Sports for Asian Girls.


Chad is from a large town with the amusing name of Normal, Illinois, but has since lived in the NYC area for the last decade.  After growing up as one of the pickiest eaters around, he had his culinary eyes opened by his first bite of Indian food.  This “eureka” moment snowballed beyond Indian into Japanese, Korean, Ethiopian, Spanish, Italian, and eventually everywhere in between.  Never one to pass up the chance to eat at a great restaurant, his interests have become more focused on being able to create truly good and unique food.  Give a man a fish…Teach a man to fish…and all that.  Scientifically minded, and never one to be OK with blindly following a recipe, it’s his goal to deeply understand every step of the process and take to heart what exactly goes into making the absolute best possible version of a dish.  With everything he makes, he’s constantly in the pursuit of perfection, so, like Google, expect his recipes and how-to’s to be in Beta mode…perpetually…with ongoing updates and improvements.  When not in his laboratory (kitchen), Chad can be found playing tennis, playing soccer, rock climbing, or engaging in his latest obsession: scuba diving.


Most people dream of running marathons, but Dana dreams of eating at every Michelin-rated establishment. Although she can keep dreaming, Dana has established herself as the go-to person on Spanish food, wine, and culture. She has spent an extensive amount of time in the country, in some towns not even identified on Google Maps, and will be living in Galicia this summer. When she is not making plans to flee the country or gorge herself on tapas, Dana is a financial risk consultant and is trying to save Wall Street from imminent doom. She is also a volunteer and Community Manager for the NYU Stern Recent Undergraduate Alumni Council, where she fosters engagement through social media and helps coordinate events. In the little spare time that Dana has, she is either daydreaming of her next meal, burning calories at the gym in anticipation of aforementioned meal, enjoying craft beers, listening to indie bands, blogging and writing, and being tech savvy.


A hopeless sugar addict, Steph is i8NYC’s guide to all things sweet, whether homemade or bakery-bought, homestyle or haute cuisine. Cake and candy, pudding and pie, she’s out to taste (and make) them all. By day, she’s a mild-mannered writer and editor. A longtime vegetarian (well, um pasta-tarian), Steph does occasionally cook and eat savory food, in between sugar highs.


A native Jersey girl who grew up eating Chinese/Burmese food.  Also, a financial journalist, foodie (producer and consumer), pole fitness athlete, wannabe jet-setter, and hedonist. Perhaps, a working fashion and film enthusiast.  Like so many of you, Steph C. lives to eat: tapas, homemade Italian pastas, spicy Thai food (or anything South East Asian really), fro-yo, and anything that comes from BREAD!  In dismissal of this no carb diet nonsense, Steph C.’s appetite trumps that of many, but is well balanced with her equally as big love affair with fitness. Though her cooking is experimental, her normal repertoire includes a mean gumbo, dirty rice (as she is a Creole aficionado), homemade pasta sauce, and of course, some classic Burmese dishes from her childhood.

We are always seeking talented food writers. If you think you have what it takes, Contact Us!

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