First Look: Social Eatz’ New Menu

With their 1 year Anniversary Party approaching, Social Eatz is having a ‘Thank You Party’ to give back to their fans on April 24. The new menu and decor sets the tone for more serious food, but it is intentionally anything but that. To bridge the gap between those spooked out by truly authentic Korean dishes, there is an American twist to help ease the transition. Their addictive and creative cocktails also bring awareness to such eponymous Asian ingredients as lemongrass, kumquat, yuzu, tamarind and calamansi. Service is matured with fewer young’ns and more polished staff. The bathrooms are worthy of Starchitect mention, with modern fixtures and SimpleHuman step trash cans in tow. Yes, we notice these things.

Regarding the interior, gone is the ‘mac & cheese’ color scheme and in are the dark woods with a more ‘mature’ decor. Yes, the famed Bibimbap burger is now $17, but now comes with pickles and fries. As for the new menu items, we noticed they all have an element of sweetness, along with at least 2 other flavor profiles. No matter the preparation, we noticed one thing remains true: the quality of the proteins used here is top notch. We consider the new offerings less ‘sophomoric’ and more ‘playful’, with such items as the Kimchee Wedge and Togarashi Fries. If you enjoyed the consistency and style of Chef Angelo Sosa‘s food prior, the new menu stays the course with no real gotchas.

We tried a few new menu items…


1. Calamansi, lemongrass, vodka

2. Kumquat, cachaca


1. Kimchee wedge – slow braised pork belly, sweet & sour pickles

2. Cured tuna ‘pastrami’ – toasted rye bread, homemade mustard

3. Broiled salmon – pineapple glaze, asian succotash

4. Spring chicken – coriander yogurt, onion pickles

5. Chicken ramen noodle – sweet and sour pork, taiwanese smoked egg

6. Togarashi fries

Pics here

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