Event – 2012 LuckyRice Festival MAY1-6 – Volunteers needed!

It’s that time of the year again! Buy tickets by clicking the link above, or if you want to help out, the below LUCKYRICE volunteer opportunities are available… Continue reading

First Look: Neta


With former alums from Bar Masa at the helm, Neta is sure to be a a crowd pleaser right? Don’t bet on it.

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Event – TAP-NY Taiwanese Night Market APR13 – we’ll be cooking!

Join I8NYC as we embark upon our first Tasting Table at the TAP-NY Taiwanese Night Market. For those of you who haven’t eaten at our i8 Supper Club, you can be sure we will be serving up something tasty and putting our own twist on a classic dish. See ya’ll there and don’t forget to follow us @i8and8.

Expected attendance will be 400-600 guests!

Buy your tickets here before they sell out!!!!

First Look: Yopparai NYC

Not drunk, but Brave is the word I would use to describe Yopparai, the new Izakaya in the former Sushi UO space. The layout has since changed to a more veracious ‘Tokyo vibe’, with more bar counter seating than table seats. At first glance, the ‘railroad-style’ ambiance felt warm and inviting. The owner, his wife and another staff member warmly greet us upon walking in. They inform us that they are sake sommeliers and were eager to help.  In typical minimalist Japanese fashion, there is a coat cabinet under your bar seating to stow away your belongings.

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