First Look: Yorganic presents: “My Belly’s Playlist”

Wouldn’t it be refreshing to know that there was something new and inviting in the Downtown Manhattan food scene? Well we’re glad you asked. We were invited to partake in a sampling of new offerings by the owners of Yorganic, a health conscious place that offers a new line of sandwiches. Not quite sure what the tomorrow will bring but it looks promising, especially for Corporate catering. Their future looks bright since the flavors are major and the tweaks needed are minor, which we’re positive they will make. They currently do take-out and delivery only at their 2 current Yorganic locations.

With a paucity of good and atypical lunch options, we were quite eager to check out how creative the Chefs here could get. We could tell that much thought was put into the menu and what we sampled was anything but typical. “My Belly’s Playlist” is quite a catchy name, even though the menu format in which we sampled many new menu items will simply be a la carte offerings to the general public.

Don’t be fooled by their modest storefronts. They offer health drinks such as wheatgrass shots, soups, and our favorite, the Yorganic Bowl. We always order that dish via Seamless. Think of it as a bibimbap on steroids. Their organic health bar was no slouch either. We have yet to try the froyo so we can’t report on that…yet. So what are you waiting for? Go and experience bliss!

Here’s what we sampled, with our honest feedback conveyed and in tow..

Amuse bouche: Balsamic vinegar jelly

Fooled us. We thought this was coffee at first glance but our taste buds told us otherwise. Delicious.

1. Butternut squash shooter w/ nutmeg creme fraiche

The creme fraiche gave the squash the richness and balance it needed. Good start.

2. 20 Hour Flight “East Meets West”

Inspiration was taken from Japan to create this ‘wrap’ (you get 3). We loved the sliced seared tuna w/ a sesame seed crust. The lemongrass dip had too much acid and too little lemongrass flavor. Still, probably a tie w/ the squash sammy for numero uno.

3. BB & J “This is Our Jam”

This was their take on a cheese plate, in a  sandwich. We found the sammy a wee bit pasty and the walnut didn’t give the sammy enough hard crunch. The ingredients didn’t stand on their own and lacked an identity.

4. The California Roll “Deconstructed and Reconstructed”

We found the crab meat a little ‘Sloppy Joe’ like and would have loved more lump crab meat. Also, the avocado cream gets lost. Avocado slices would be a killer alternative, and by killer we mean awesome. Sesame seeds wouldn’t hurt either

5. !!Squash!! “Carnivores, CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?”

This was perfection, something you could never get sick of. The presentation was stunning as well. Olive was the perfect bread to complement this vegtastic sammy. The only thing lacking if anything was maybe some fresh herb garnish, if even that.

6. The Outcasts “Because No Three Are Alike” (Slaw, Horseradish, Cheddar)

We were particularly fond of the Short Rib slider w/ Horseradish. The Cheddar lacked moisture and the Slaw was borderline runny. We recommended a gochujjang slaw, or Korean fermented bean paste as an alternative.

7. The Outro, Hot Chocolate and Cherry Pistachio Biscotti

The pistachio was the star here, but we thought the biscotti could have used more flavor. Maybe some zest or almond paste would do it more justice.

Check out the full album here

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