First Look: Yorganic presents: “My Belly’s Playlist”

Wouldn’t it be refreshing to know that there was something new and inviting in the Downtown Manhattan food scene? Well we’re glad you asked. We were invited to partake in a sampling of new offerings by the owners of Yorganic, a health conscious place that offers a new line of sandwiches. Not quite sure what the tomorrow will bring but it looks promising, especially for Corporate catering. Their future looks bright since the flavors are major and the tweaks needed are minor, which we’re positive they will make. They currently do take-out and delivery only at their 2 current Yorganic locations.

With a paucity of good and atypical lunch options, we were quite eager to check out how creative the Chefs here could get. We could tell that much thought was put into the menu and what we sampled was anything but typical. “My Belly’s Playlist” is quite a catchy name, even though the menu format in which we sampled many new menu items will simply be a la carte offerings to the general public.

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