Review – Blue Ribbon Brasserie

L: Foie Gras Terrine, R: Beef Marrow w/ Oxtail Marmalade

The best time to go to popular restaurants without waiting? RAINY DAYS

Not too crazy about their Sushi joint nearby, their cooked foods are the epitome of food done right. You would think that with a scatterbrain menu, they would not have their act together. Quite the contrary, my friends. The Bromberg Brothers really know what they are doing here. It’s the after hours destination for many renowned Chefs for a reason, ya know. Attention to detail is important and they excel at that here, as I’m a huge sucker for HOT PLATES for hot food and COLD PLATES cold.

It’s kind of awkward that the oysters are shucked AT THE FULL BAR. You can’t help but notice.  It’s also kind of odd how there is no one to greet you by the door. The hipster staff wears many hats and are for the most part personable. Upon observing for a minute, it is easily apparent that this is the home of many regulars who love their nosh.

Having gone to their Brooklyn location prior, I yearned to return and it’s a good thing I did. The inner turmoil of waiting an hour plus for good food is always a tough inner struggle but alas, today VICTORY WOULD BE MINE!

Bread (free) – puffy 8″ loaf, homemade butter – super chewy crust, very addictive
-Beef Marrow w/ Oxtail Marmalade ($16.75) – No frills, your marrow comes bare with a popsicle stick fork. The oxtail marmalade is chunky and to die for. Fried parsley provides the perfect balance proviing a subtle herbaciousness to this artery clogging dish. Toasted slices of bread are light and airy and complements this dish well. Minetta Tavern’s is better though.
-Foie Gras Terrine (~$21.50) – You get the same toasted slices of bread, the terrine is probably the best I’ve ever had. Perfect salt to fat ratio with great mouth feel. Strips of pear dipped in simple syrup cuts the fat of the foie.
-Fried Chicken ($25.50) – Served w/ swiss chard, mash & gravy, honey. This dish was WAY overrated but had to try it. Matzoh meal batter doesn’t do it for me. Go to The Cardinal or Pies & Thighs for better fried chicken
-Short Rib ($26) [Special] – served w/ julienned carrots/zucchini,peppers, mash, reminds me of Veronica’s Kitchen, only better. It’s boneless and the rib tips are seared to perfection. The beef is melty and the bbq sauce is not overdone.
-Chocolate Bruno ($11.75) – a sad ending to an otherwise delicious meal, served w/ 3 scoops of lackluster ice cream, the mousse tasted like chalk and the white chocolate mousse crust did nothing for me, the chocolate piping you could pick up in one piece with your hand (wonder how long that’s been sitting out). They sold me on this dish being ‘the most popular dessert’. Hey, I was on a streak so gimme a break.

Total came out to $65/pp after everything

L: Fried Chicken, R: Short Rib (Special)


-Hot/Cold Plates accordingly

-Despite the entropic menu, the food is all around super solid

-You taste the love in the food

-Staff attentiveness

-Wait times can get annoying

-Dessert was weak

Verdict: 4/5 stars

The love in this food is hard to beat. I readily relinquish one of my illegitimate children for a regular seat here. You can bet the farm that when they open at the former Shang space, it’ll be a HIT.

PICS here

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