Free Concert: Kanye West by Heineken from HOT97

UPDATE: Mr West is in the building! PICS HERE



The above times are unofficial, simply a guess from previous showtimes at Heineken events. This event serves simply as a place to openly discuss anything related to the confirmed Kanye West concert taking place on June 9, 2011 in NYC. RSVP’s/ and or how to get in will get announced very soon and we here at MyFreeConcert are working very hard to bring you the most up to date news.

We want to create an open community in case we get extra tickets or in case you get (or need) extra tickets, very similar to our Black Eyed Peas event ( which strangely enough is on the same day as this one.

We know how big of a show this is, and how this is simply a true once in a lifetime experience. Very good chance this will be free Kanye West, all you can drink Heineken, and endless memories.

Anyway, also be sure to post your name and email so that when we receive more info about this concert you will be notified right away. You can do this right here:

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