Recap: 2011 Omnivore Professional Master Classes

Director of Omnivore was the MC to this free demo to industry professionals on JUN11. The 5 demos started and ended a little later, with chefs out of sequential order, but it’s all good. Each chef brought their ‘A game’ with unique ways of preparing their dishes. ORIGINAL POST.

Here’s the actual order of Chefs and their dishes presented…

Giovanni Passerini (Rino, Paris) 

1. Pecorino black pepper ravioli (w/ agar agar), snap peas, licorice butter


John Fraser (Dovetail, New York)


1. Salt baked onion w/ Summer truffles (Provence), hazelnut/spring radish/green apple garnish/ramp ash/arugula blossoms

Instructions: Cut north to south, carve out middle, leaf out layers, butter onion leafs, line layers w/ truffles. Line bottom w/ salt, place flat side down, cover with crust, 350F for 45minutes. Salt crust (egg white, salt, water) should be the consistency of wet sand. No resistance cookie test = done. Keep outer skin when baking and peel off skin plus outer layer when serving.

Jean-François Piège (Thoumieux, Paris)


1. Calamari bolognese w/ smoked bacon/black pepper/lemon/lardo/garlic/cream/parm reggiano.

Instructions: Line bowl w/ oil, add yolk. Sautee smoked bacon w/ garlic and rest it, then strain oil. Sautee calamari and pour in bacon oil. NO SALT. Squid is sliced thin and acts as the Spaghetti. This dish is usually an appetizer and costs 10 Euros on his menu.


Mads Refslund (Copenhagen)


1. Mackerel over sliced unripe almonds w/ roasted almond oil/double cream/ground fennel/green strawberry juice

2. Cattails w/ roasted cucumbers/white garlic/nasturtium leaf

3. Langostine meat wrapped in chestnut leaf over white asparagus w/ hop shoots/mackeral/dashi salt/vinegar/hazelnut oil/salt

4. Black beets w/ lardo/pine leaf

5. Sand covered 10hr Lamb breast in thyme and beach cabbage leaf w/ oyster juice/shoots/sea beans/rose hips/grilled lemon juice

6. Fallen overripe cherry w/ prune juice/wheatgrass granita/chocolate

Carlo Mirarchi (Roberta’s, Brooklyn)


1. Uni (Hokkaido) w/ stracciatella, evoo, yuzu, nasturtium granita, microgreens


2. Grilled cuttlefish w/ blood orange juice/fish sauce/torn anise hyssop/opal basil


3. Diver Scallop w/ pigshead terrine/rhubarb w/ its juice/snap pea juice’



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