Event – LTO NYC presents Ayinde Howell ‘WildFlower’ PopUp Dinner JUN10-12


Interested in a Detox or Plant-based PopUp Dinner? Chef Ayinde Howell is featured next for 3 days, so get in where you fit in. BUY TIX.

Earth, Grill & Fire Menu 

*All ingredients organic when possible.

Friday Night: Southern Contemporary American Supper

Amuse: Spinach, Avocado & Watermelon                                      

with balsamic Grand Mariner glaze

Mac & Yease                                                                                                                         

Chef Ayinde’s version of mac & cheese, a creamy, savory old family recipe

Grilled Romaine                                                                                   

with cashew ranch dressing and smoky “bacon placebo” bits

Mr. Howell’s Potato Salad                                                                

New potatoes, celery, chives, and crushed mustard seeds

Hot Water Cornbread                                                                      

with rhubarb chutney

Grilled, BBQ Rubbed Seitan Brisket                                            

with sautéed mustard greens

Cherry Cobbler Topped Biscuit                                                            

with vanilla ice cream

Featured Cocktail:

Los Lonely Hearts Margarita

 Saturday Brunch: Louisiana Cajun

Mate Au lait with Beignets                                                          

Chef Ayinde explores a classic with sweet yerba mate, almond milk topped off with Louisiana sweet bread.

Dirty Quinoa                                                                                                 

A gluten free super food twist on a traditional southern staple.

Cajun Mac & Yease                                                                                  

With hot chilies and bits of “bacon placebo” Chef Ayinde’s smoky, fatty, plant based gesture for all bacon lovers.


Chef Ayinde’s take on the poor man’s sandwich with bits of flavorful tofu, quinoa, lettuce, olives mix, capers, pickled onions.

Rum Spiked Pralines                                                                                

A sweet heady finish.

Featured Cocktail:


Saturday Night: Raw-Fusion (gluten free)

Amuse: The chef’s secret course.

Fire-Roasted Polenta Quinoa Cakes                                                            

with radish slaw & raw dill aioli

Spicy Gazpacho Shooters                                                                   

accompanied with radish chips

Roasted Breadfruit                                                                              

with raw, spouted sunflower scallion pesto

Fire-kissed Tempeh, Chimichurri                                                   

with apple mofongo

Cardamom, Chia Seed Pudding

Raw Chocolate Ice Cream

garnished with bourbon infused orange slices

Featured Cocktail:

White Grape Cucumber Martini

Sunday: Petit Dejeuner Waffle Brunch

 A la cart pricing

The Closest I’ll Come to “Chicken & Waffles”                                                 

Roscoe ain’t got nuthin on this… two crisp classic waffles topped with Spicy Tempeh

Reese Cup Waffle                                                                                                          

Two vanilla cocoa waffles topped with chocolate and peanut butter sauce  & hand whipped cream. 

Mexican Hot Cocoa Waffle                                                                                                     

Two vanilla cocoa waffles topped with cinnamon and toasted cayenne & hand whipped cream. 

Orange Creamsicle                                                                                                               

Two orange, vanilla scented waffles topped with orange reduction & hand whipped cream.

Le Classic Waffle                                                                                                         

Two, vanilla waffles topped with butter, maple syrup & hand whipped cream (add fresh fruit).

Mac & Yease                                                                                                                            

Chef Ayinde’s version of mac & cheese, a creamy, savory old family recipe.

Bacon Placebo                                                                                                                           

A kind smoky, fatty, plant based gesture for all the bacon lovers out there.

Jerk Ackee Scramble                                                                                                 

Scotch bonnet pepper laced ode to the Jamaican breakfast fruit

Featured Cocktail:

Smoked Bloody Mary

Sunday Night: Street Food Favorites

Biscuit Slider Duo:                                                                               

featuring the Crazy Jamaican Burger & the Flaming BBQ Burger

Seitan Shwarma                                                                                       

The favorite plant based meat substitute… on a stick

Pineapple Pizza Sliders                                                                     

Hearty tomato sauce, italian tofu sausage, red peppers pineapples & white onion   

Quinoa Nachos                                                                                      

Savory quinoa, onion, black olives, cheesy sauce served over yellow corn chips 

Street Taco Duo:                                                                                              

Ayinde’s twist on two classics, Korean seitan taco & Beer battered tempeh taco


A classic street food served with hot chocolate

Belgian Beer Floats                                                                             

Vanilla ice cream over an ice cold stout.

Featured Cocktail:

Poached Pear Manhattan

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