Review – Daisy May’s Big Pig Gig

(Courtesy: Official Website)

Everyone’s doing it now. Yes, even DBGB! Why? The margins are redonk and people are quick to ride on the next food fad. Good thing we entered skeptical with low expectations and left just as unimpressed. We know what you’re thinking. This same pig can be had for $120-$130 in Chinatown, but the skin is fatty there and doesn’t fuse with the fat to become one. We were hoping that we were in for at least a crackling extravaganza, especially at these prices. We thought wrong.

FRIEND: Would you come back if it was $10 AYCE?

US: No.

The ‘Deal’:
$480 for 12ppl ($40/pp), $35 each addt’l person gets you a free rack of ribs.

Must be made 2 days in advance, $200 credit card deposit. The remaining balance of the bill is also charged on your credit card, but they don’t tell you that.

Pig: [30 lb’er served w/ vinegar sauce, fleur de sel]
MEAT – was deboned for you, besides the head/leg area, tasted like smoke and propane having sex. You will be hard pressed to even scavenge some meat off the cheeks, as the face is burnt to a crisp, vinegar sauce was very sour, fleur was a nice touch
SKIN – inedible, don’t even try it. Imagine leathery skin that reeks of propane. Probably packed w/carcinogens. What a waste!
BONE – the brittle and dry look of it was a dead giveaway that this pig was def not cooked LOW AND SLOW, but at a high temp for a shorter period of time. Corners were def cut here, and the experienced eyes noticed!

Ribs: (no good)
Cut was meaty but tasteless and generic, meat wasn’t falling off the bone, sauce was scantly applied with no extra sauce on the side

Whole Pig cut down the middle, deboned on top

Bread: (sucked)
TEXAS TOAST – this was substituted w/ cornbread, which had a hard crust, served room temperature and tasted stale.

Sides: (average)
COLLARD GREENS – usually cooking w/ a smoked turkey leg would be ideal, instead it was sweet, no smoky component in this, no meat either
MASHED POTATOES – not overly buttered, average
MAC & CHEESE – a bit runny, average, a toxic orange color
BAKED BEANS – the best of the worst sides here

Drink: (good)
SWEET TEA (+$4.90 supp) You get a 32oz mason jar full of southern sweetness and the jar is yours to keep. It comes cold, but don’t bother asking for ice. According to the staff, they don’t have an ice machine here.

Dessert: (average)
FRESH FRUIT (Watermelon) – thinly sliced triangles, skin on, nothing special here

Service: (sucked)
Nonchalant, unattentive, bordering on non-existent. Oh yeah, there’s a $15 corkage fee per bottle. So gracious of them to waive that for us!

Bill: (sucked)
Total came out to $48/pp after everything. You def don’t have to tip 15+% here.


We left awestruck how this place gets such good business. Perhaps people get all gaga at the novelty of snapping pics but that dies quickly when you realize the food sucks. If it weren’t for the sides, we would have left hungry. Save your money and go elsewhere, Restaurant Week even. That said, witness our first 2 star review, usually given to places which have borderline inedible food, quite relevant here. Pig skin belt, anyone?

More pics after the jump

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