Valentine’s Day Breakup Guide

(Photo Courtesy: VillageVoice)

On the other hand, if you’re trying to break up with someone (or just a plain old scrooge digging your grave), we’ve got you covered as well. Why spend more when chances are, after this, you’re gonna peace out. Plus, you’re never going to see that person again. Well, at least for your sake we hope you don’t. Here are our picks….

 OUR TOP5 PLACES TO BREAK UP (alphabetically):

1. Economy Candy
Get her some Vel-X gum for fatties. Guaranteed to work. Cost: under $5

2. Mosco St Dumplings 
Hey, 5 for $1! Might as well cut your losses. What? The dumplings are ssssso good there. Cost: $1

3. Pomme Frites 
Grab a free sample, 3 free sauces, and GTFO. Keep it short and sweet. Hope you run faster than her before she kicks you a$$. Cost: Free

4. Teriyaki Boy 
Nothin’ says lovin like an amigo making your cold sushi. Cost: under $10

5. XPL (Express Power Lunch) 
Street meat will keep it short and to the point. We recommend the one on Pearl and Wall St. You get a free can of soda there. Cost: $5

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