Cultural Differences: Thai Cheetos

A couple months ago I took a trip to Thailand. Of course, I ate and ate and ate… and ate… tons of amazing food: curry and noodles and sticky rice with mango (oh my!). But believe it or not, not all Thai food is awesome.

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I spent my last night in Bangkok picking up cheap souvenirs, including these Cheetos from one of the kazillion 7-Elevens (I love love love Cheetos and couldn’t resist!).

So what did they taste like? Actually very bland. They looked like American Cheetos, and they were crunchy. But they had hardly any cheesy flavor (or, um, “cheesy” flavor). Go figure. They did whet my appetite for real Cheetos, though… So maybe this weekend I’ll try this.

Has anyone else tried any foreign versions of American junk food, and what did you think?

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