Verizon iPhone4 debuts FEB10 – I CAN HEAR YOU NOW!

Sign, Verizon iPhone 4, hand warmers, red VZ logo beanies

What’s the most important thing every food blogger needs? A decent digcam. Now, the iPhone is no SLR, but it gets the f00d p0rn job done. Thus, this article. Being that USER1 could preorder but not convert to a FamilyShare online, that was still a bottleneck. The in-person method proved to work best. Plus, zero wait for shipping equals HUGE SCORE! Witness FEB10.

The VZ iPhone 4 queue, VZ Staff answering questions while in line

The Wait:
Note: Due to the strategic nature of where we were situated, we had the luxury of checking the queue in Real-Time as not to freeze in the cold.


6:48AM/16 <-us
1:30PM/4 sidewalk interview

Per VZ the night prior, we were told there would be an early shift of 6:30am-8:30am to accomodate high demand. Doors opened at 6:59am, a minute early. They allowed 8 people in a first, then one in after one out.

While on line, there were sidewalk interviews courtesy of and also handouts of basic information to fill out to make processing go faster (see pic above). Some people were pissed they didn’t allow us inside but the Store Manager said it was for security reasons, which is perfectly understandable. The Manager also mentioned that VZ was paying Apple $690 for the 16GB iPhone, meaning they were taking a loss of $41 per phone on it. Of course they would realize gains later due to the 2yr commitment of the unlimited $29.99 data plan, amounting to $719.76 per person over the 2yr span.

We thought 583 was 600 counted backwards to signify inventory count but we were wrong. They were hush hush about that.

Due to contact xfers, Q&A time, porting and processing time, things naturally took longer. Staff was extremely knowledgeable and never left you hanging. If someone didn’t know the answer to your question, it was escalated until you got the right answer. Also, we were told while in line to have our AT&T Account Numbers ready. We would come to find out that would prove handy, as phone activation is immediate and so was the porting. Due to high efficiency, we were out of the store by 8:08AM, 80min later. Not bad. Minus 20min if you only want to activate 1 line. Looks like the preordering cushioned some demand, or we just got lucky with ‘minimal’ wait times. As a concession for the cold weather, handwarmers were handed out, even free VZ red beanies. Yes, gratis.

L: Receipt for -$50 off for ‘New Every Two / R: 16gb VZ iPhone4

USER1 is lazy to wake up early. USER2 is given Account Manager access to USER1’s account with secret password and has rights to make changes to the account. Talk about taking one for the team, right?

USER1: 20% corp discount, VZ customer, upgrade eligible, ‘New Every Two’ $50 credit (current: Blackberry Storm owner on VZ)
USER2: 22% corp discount, AT&T customer, 2yr contract over (current: iPhone 3GS owner on AT&T)
GOAL: 22% corp discount VZ cheapest FamilyShare plan

Although we couldn’t have our proverbial cake and eat it too, we settled for the 20% corp discount from USER1, since the plan was already under that person’s name. To qualify for USER2’s 22% corp discount, the account would have to be under that SS#, which would void both phones’ Warranty, due to VZ’s ‘Assumption of Liability’ clause. The plus is that since text plans don’t count for a corp discount (on AT&T anyway), the inclusion of unlimited texts in our new $99.99 FamilyShare Plan qualified for same. Tack on $29.99 x 2 for data plans and total comes out to ~$160 monthly, before fees/taxes/corp discounts. The FamilyShare Plan is so tempting that at $9.99 for a 3rd line, we are heavily considering adopting a rowdy rugrat or two.

You get 14days to check it out. In case you change your mind, there is a $35 restocking fee.

First Impressions:
OVERALL LAG – there’s little to none of that, especially on WiFi. Try downloading an app or two. You’ll see what we mean, if you haven’t done so already.
SIGNAL STRENGTH – Whereas we could get hardly any reception on FL35 of an Office Building with AT&T prior, we now get 3 solid bars with VZ.
RETINA DISPLAY – One could swear he/she had cataracts switching from a iPhone 3GS to an iPhone 4. Night and day clarity in pixelation.
CUSTOMER SERVICE – These guys really know their stuff and are friendly. The iPhone demo phones were laid out perfectly and ready for consumer abuse.
CAMERA FLASH – It is a thing of beauty. Although not fully tested out, when used properly*, we are confident in taking pics in dimly lit Restaurants now.
VOICE – crisper than a bucket of KFC!

Hazy Shade of Winter. Don’t try this at home, folks. ‘We’re professionals’

Final thoughts:
Whatever you do, don’t be trigger happy and take pics w/ your camera Flash On right away, especially before peeling the back plastic piece. Like us, you may very well think something is wrong with your precious when indeed that ‘Hazy Shade of Winter’ is not your Glaucoma, but rather a user error.

Yes,, for the price of a full price Verizon iPhone 4, you can get a ginormous plasma. Yes, we could wait for the AT&T mythical unicorn, aka WHITE iPhone4 soon to drop in a few weeks. Yes, we could anticipate a June5-June9 release of the iPhone5 at WWDC. Instead, we chose to have the best of both worlds, NOW. With LTE not fully integrated and NFC technology still in its infancy, it’ll be some time before we need an upgrade. Well, on Wall St, at least we are Bullish on it.

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