Event – Flavor Mashup: Guacamole JAN18 ($30)


Thanks to sociallysuperlative for this…

Sharpen your skills and your knives and join Hot Pot Culinary Events (http://www.hotpotevents.com) for an interactive guacamole-making event like no other!

First, a Hot Pot Chef Instructor will teach you all the skills you need to slice, dice, mince, and chop your way through a classic guacamole preparation.

Next, you’ll get hands-on to mix and match ingredients from a buffet of savory and sweet options to create your own unique recipe. Be adventurous and explore crazy new flavor combinations, stay true to the classics, or do both – you can make as much as you want until you create your perfect Flavor Mashup!

Then put it up for a vote to see which Flavor Mashup takes the cake! Share your dish with others and sample everyone else’s creations, then vote for your favorites. The makers of the best Flavor Mashup will win awesome prizes. Plus, if you make something cool, we’ll share newly-minted recipe with the world.

This ain’t no ordinary cooking class – with Hot Pot Culinary Events, you’ll play with your food to create something new and totally your own!

3 thoughts on “Event – Flavor Mashup: Guacamole JAN18 ($30)

  1. Hot Pot is a great NYC start-up, actually run by one of my fellow NYU Stern alumni (who also penned some of my excellent MBA letters of recommendation). The classes are a lot of fun, there’s open bar, and it’s a great way to meet new people. Do it!

  2. Thanks Dana! The Flavor Mashup: Guacamole event is sure to be awesome – literally 155 million possible guacamole combinations to choose from! Just to clarify though, the event isn’t open bar, but there will be Sangria specials all night!

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