Deal Alert: Valentine’s Day Special – Danji (9 courses/$50)

What makes a good restaurant great? We spoke, they listened. Danji is offering a Special 9-course Valentine’s Day Tasting Menu. At $50/pp, it’s a great deal. Probably your best bang for buck out there qualitywise. Call 212-586-2800 to secure your resy.

Recipe – Sweet and Sour Whole Fish


This recipe is an AUTHENTIC Chinese dish that many moms use. Jeff made his mom’s recipe below recently for the forthcoming Chinese New Year. Fish symbolizes abundance in Chinese culture and who doesn’t want that, right?

Total cook time: 15min
Total prep time: 20min
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Eatymology: Meat Beat – Chuck

Welcome to Eatymology, where I help myself (and like-minded dummies) build our menu and grocery store vocabulary.

A recurring resolution -one at perennial odds with the accompanying ‘lose 8 pounds’- is to learn my meat, and you better believe I’m taking you along for the ride – beginning with the 8 (or 9, depending on who’s asking) basic US primal cuts for beef. That’s butcher parlance for the slabs of bloody, lard-marbled, pre-delicious protein stripped from a cowrcas. Note that UK primal cuts and pork primal cuts are different, and may or may not be addressed after the fifth pound.

Today’s edition: Chuck.

Chuck: tough, but tasty.

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Review – TriBeCa Grill

Drew and his Myriad Restaurant Group really let us down on this one. As great a guy as he is, the food was as expected, flat. The 2011 Winter Resty Week $35 Dinner Menu offerings were somewhat redundant and the desserts overshadowed the apps which overshadowed the mains. Our friend ordered the squash app and sweet potato main since he’s vegetarian, but why have 2 similar vegetables highlighted back to back? Fail there. Still packed, but we think its best years are behind it. Once deemed the place to see and be seen, this venue is no longer that. Not an EPIC fail, but we left unamused and walked over to Locanda Verde for a second helping of dessert. Continue reading

Chefs vs. Foodies

UPDATE #2: …and another article

UPDATE: Here is yet another recent article published about this

We came across this article today which preempted ours…

Foodie Only? Chefs hate you. You know what? Even other Foodies hate you for using the term ‘Foodie’ just now. Chef only? Foodies will tear you a new rectum without hesitation. What if you’re both though? IMHO, the good Chefs are the ones appreciate honest feedback. Often times they have too many sycophants who worship them and want to drink their bath water. Little do you know, most Chefs do not break the six-digit barrier in terms of salary and it’s not that glorious. Sure, some may have an equity stake in the restaurant as incentive to work harder but if you divide up the pay by the hours worked, we’re talking slave labor hourly rates here, especially if you’re low on the totem pole. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how good YOU think your food is if the masses think otherwise. As a Foodie, be respectful of the Chef’s wishes in the Dining Room. If he says no cameras or cell phones, honor it or eat elsewhere and yes, your sh*t DOES stink.
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Review: Three Tarts

This cheerful Chelsea shop specializes in cute. Their many desserts—including cookies, truffles, parfaits, and of course tarts—are tiny and beautifully crafted by pastry chefs Kiyomi Toda-Burke and Sandra Palmer. The assortment is varied enough to accommodate different tastes, but everything is unified by a singular precious style.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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2011: 5 Foods on the DL

Very few foods make our ears perk up as much as the following list. Reason: They haven’t been widely accepted as mainstream yet, which makes them ‘Sleeper’ foods. Only here do we pay homage to the unsung heroes of food, perhaps giving them the long due recognition they deserve. Typically only used in traditional preparations of dishes, we are here to showcase their true talents.  After each blurb, we will show a 2011 bold application of this food, unmasked. We love these foods so much they have been featured in our i8 Supper Club one time or another. To not detract from the sensory overload, it makes no sense if we describe to you how good it is. The only way is to try them for yourself. That said, we will leave interpretation to your subjectivity. Since no one food is superlative than the other, we will list them in alphabetical order: Continue reading

DO vs. VdIT: Spanish Wine 101

To commemorate the grand opening of Despana Vinos y Mas, let’s have a little Spanish wine lesson, shall we?

DO, DOQa, DOCa, VdIT.  If you’ve ever picked up a bottle of Spanish wine, you’ve probably noticed some of those letters gracing the label.  So what exactly do these things mean?  And does it really matter? Continue reading

Recipes: Herb Focaccia

In the last year, bread making has become a hobby of mine.  I could think of no better bread to start off on a first-time bread making venture than focaccia.  For whatever reason, a large percentage of the focaccia out there really isn’t that good.  At least when compared with this recipe.  I can think of no better way to try to convince you to try this recipe than this: Continue reading

Eatymology: Gianduja

Welcome to Eatymology, where I help myself (and like-minded dummies) build our menu and grocery store vocabulary.

I have a tree-nut allergy. It’s tragic – I’ll never be a real food critique; I’ll never know the joy of pesto, and upwards of 50% of commercial Halloween candy. As such, I’ve always fumbled futilely for a word to describe Non-Swiss European Chocolate – you know, the kind that’s inevitably laced with hazelnut, and hence, off-limits for me. Continue reading

Review – Danji

Signage (Courtesy: Yelp)

At the helm of the kitchen is Hooni Kim of Daniel and Masa fame. Located in Hell’s Kitchen, a neighborhood inundated with Thai food, it distinguishes itself as a new player. Its niche are dishes are served ‘Tapas’ style (sharing plates), perfect for those like myself who suffer from tongue fatigue easily. The only difference between here and a Tapas joint is that each dish here will set you back a few bucks more, and before you know it you’re washing dishes there. Continue reading

Trendspotting: The Wine Detective

“This is obviously a Rioja, Mr. Watson.”

I was in California last week and after a hectic week at work, decided to hit up a wine bar in Pasadena, where I was staying.  After doing a bit of pre-trip “research,” The Wine Detective sounded like an unusual place to go for a glass (or two) of wine.


It's like a wine vending machine!

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Recipes (x3) – Mexican Cooking Class

Why the heck would someone take a cooking class while on vacation? Let’s face is not work when you are having fun.Having done my research prior and stumbling across this find, I could not pass up what appeared to be a good opportunity to edjumacate myself about Mexican cooking. It was taught by a real Mexican, if that counts. Hey, he spoke perfect English. Bonus: the guy serving our drinks was Mexican too, could you believe that? No friggin way. Onwards… Continue reading Brand our start-up. Win stuff. Get famous. Live happily ever after.


A new dining discount site is looking for a zesty, zingy web theme – designed by YOU!

Create a web portal theme that includes a logo, a banner, a layout, and, hell – a NAME*!

All entries must be received by Friday, February 25. Once we pick our favorites, we’ll open the polls up to everyone in reach of a computer, smart phone or telephone and let YOU DECIDE by popular vote which name, logo and theme will be the face of our new company, set to launch in March, 2011.

The winner will receive, in addition to eternal glory, a TBD food prize. Trust us, you’ll love it.

* must be an available domain! If you’re only interested in submitting a design, please use EDIBILL as the placeholder.

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Review: Qsine

iPad menu, Menu Selection Drill Down

Qsine is the name of a new restaurant offered by cruise ships Celebrity Eclipse and Celebrity Infinity exclusively. Some of you may be thinking, ‘What? You mean there is such a thing as good food on cruises? GTFO!’. For a +$30/pp supplement, you can dine at this Specialty Restaurant. The breakthrough concept was developed by Chef JVS. Was it full of smoke and mirrors? For the most part, yes. Too bad it was genius in idea, poor in execution. One can dream, right?
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Lemon-Ginger Trifle: When Life Gives you Lemons…

We all know things don’t always go the way you want them to, especially in the kitchen… And yet, life is full of kitchen miracles, too. Like this amazing lemon-ginger trifle, which began its life as a ruined ginger cake (David Lebovitz’s recipe on Epicurious; delicious, but I had some trouble getting it out of the pan in one piece).

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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The 10 Underdogs: Where’s my f*cking Michelin Star?

Tori Shin: Chicken Sashimi
Tori Shin: Chicken Sashimi Rose

These are 10 places that leave us scratching our heads asking that very same question. These aren’t fly-by-night one-offs, no Milli Vanillis here, sorry. They are the Real Deal and deserve underdog recognition. So we do not feed you with any preconceived notions, the ‘MUST GET’ dishes will be left to self interpretation. In the spirit of fairness, here they are, in alphabetical order:
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Eatymology: Casa Mono Edition

Welcome to Eatymology, where I help myself (and like-minded dummies) build our menu and grocery store vocabulary.

Today’s edition draws inspiration from top tapas spot Casa Mono, where you might just be able to maneuver the menu with your high school Spanish and a little imaginative cognate word association. I’ll leave the heavy lifting in this vein to Dana, and give you the benefit of a doubt by withholding a full-on review (you want to eat here; you’ve been meaning to eat here forever). A Casa Mono word-cloud glossary (and what I ate) after the jump –

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Welcome Stephanie F. – our new Author

Welcome Stephanie! When Stephs not checking out the latest Cupcake place or watching Top Chef Desserts, she’s busy consuming the very same delectable delights. She brings a sweet tooth perspective from not only the front lines, but also from behind the kitchen. Carboholic Steph is not immune to the sinful pleasures of good pasta, as rumor has it she can inhale a ravioli through one nostril. To learn more about her, be sure to check out her Profile. Also, Steph’s Recommendations are up, including  her 5toTry monthly. Aloha, Steph!

Health – Clean your insides first

I was fortunate enough to be invited to an ‘Abs’ Seminar on board my recent cruise. It wasn’t for abs, per se, but more for Healthy Living. Peter, the fitness guy, has a Kinesiology degree so I’m assuming he knows what he’s talking about. What he said definitely made sense to me. Remember, it’s not always appearances that matter. One can look diesel, but if you eat fries every meal, your arteries are sure to be clogged, sooner or later.

Much to my surprise, I had it backwards as well. I always thought a lot of cardio could only help. It’s not true. Likewise, I thought exercise was the pillar of health. Boy, was I wrong. I had the Nutrition pyramid upside down. Instead, Exercise is the Roof and Detox is the foundation! After this article, many of you will have a new found appreciation for seaweed. Well, I know I do.

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