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Every once in awhile we come across love. Not love as in love life, but love as in taking meticulous care to fill a void. Startups are often the result of our own or someone else’s  ‘I wish there was a way to…’. Served by Stadium is no different.

They fill the void of crappy mystery sauces appearing at your doorstep. Usually, by the time your (most likely) non-English speaking delivery person leaves after dropping off your order, you are at a loss of words after being had.

Not the case here.

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Event – From BBQ to Braai at Studio450 SEP4

Attend an amazing event for a great cause, Edible Schoolyard! You can see Chef Hugo Uys talking about the event “From BBQ to Braai” on Good Day NY. The event begins at 7pm and runs tip 10pm on September 4. Well, what are you waiting for?

Event – @TAP_NY 3rd Annual Taiwanese Night Market APR25

Get your tickets here:

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Culinary delights for New York’s tourists

Those with an appetite for culinary adventure will not be disappointed in the city of New York. On the dinner plates of the Big Apple, we find an enticing blend of the familiar and the strange – so buckle up and prepare the taste buds for an exciting tour of a great tasting city.

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Operation Dining Out: The Three-Legged Approach to Restaurant Appeal

Restaurants are often referred to as a three-legged stool. Each leg is part of the experience: the food, the service and the ambiance. Dining out is so much more than just eating, it’s an event—or at least, we believe it should be. For a truly memorable dining experience, patronize places that incorporate all three legs. Excellent food and outstanding service aside, you also have to grade a restaurant on whether the vibe fits the menu. Depending on whether you’re a breakfast, lunch or dinner connoisseur, here’s what to look for.

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i8NYC Catering – email – Sample Fall Menu

Since our i8 Supper Club days, we have been busy partnering up with a few Companies to share our love of food with the masses. Here is a Sample Fall Menu below to whet your appetite. We can also cater Cocktail Parties and Dinners as well as Corporate Events, Weddings.

Inquire within.

White Paper: The fiasco was avoidable #ObamaCare

We don’t normally post articles off-topic, but we felt this was important. Below is a White Paper from

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Event Recap – Mancora 10yr Anniversary Dinner

Pictured: Cow heart w/ cusco corn, yucca

Mancora is a Peruvian Restaurant that can easily be skipped over while walking in the East Village. We have never been there ourselves, til now. The food is what you might expect: spicy sauces, intentionally overcooked meats, etc. By overcooked we mean that you will never find your Churrasco entree medium-rare. This is how Peruvians like it so we adapt.  Continue reading

Events Attended Recap – 2013 #NYCWFF – Our Faves

Beef Tongue pastrami? Cocoa Puff carbonara?  If you want the highlights of what else went down trendwise, click here. We only hit the creme de la creme events. Our faves are listed below w/ pics in tow. Our highlight of the weekend was when Chef Tom Colicchio blasted us on twitter after we tweeted saying his dish was a tad too acidic, if anything. All in all, a good weekend for a great cause! Continue reading

Event Recap – @CampbellKitchen Swanson Cooking Academy OCT10

We were graciously invited to check out a cooking demo by @CampbellKitchen applying their 3 new broths in dishes: Thai Ginger (Curry Stew), Hot and Sour (Short Rib Stew), and Mexican Tortilla (Mole Amarillo). Continue reading

Event – Pot Luck Theme: Comfort Food NOV24

What a better way to stay toasty! Bring your favorite culinary creations and dress them to impress!

Lasagna? Chili? Soup? Stew?  Curious to see what culinary delights you will bring forth to the table!

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Truffle Hunting Redux: Say Goodbye to Your Little Piggies

A rare gourmet delicacy may be just below your feet, but unless you own a truffle-hunting pig, you probably haven’t had much luck hunting these valuable fungi. Man’s best friend may be able to help. The dog is the modern truffle hunter, and while they may require some training, canines can become masters. Continue reading

Culinary Volunteers Needed for #NYCWFF OCT17-20 – Win Tix!


We have been summoned by the Volunteer Gods to help them spread the word! Win Tix! Click on the logo above or CLICK HERE

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Blogger’s Event at @Felice_83

Undoubtedly one of the best (if not THE best) meals we’ve been invited to write about. @Felice_83 is definitely a sleeper since there is a plethora of Italian Restaurants to choose from in NYC. Don’t be fooled like we were though! At first we were skeptical going in thinking that this was just another chain restaurant trying to push their weight around and collect money while they pass GO! with little/no attention to the food. Boy, were we wrong…

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Blogger’s Pizza Making Class at 180 w/ @GoVimbly

Chef Chris Nirschel aka @CulinaryBadBoy & Nicole

We were invited to take part in a GoVimbly Blogger Pizza Making Class at 180 on Little Italy. We literally wined and dined our way through an authentic experience. We had taken a pizza class at Pizza A Casa prior so we knew what to expect. This was less formalized in the sense that portions were given and recipes were not handed out. This was more of a tactile class, one which you go by feel instead of measurements. Also, at 180, everyone made 1 thing and 1 thing only: True Neapolitan Pizza. No fancy stuff! Continue reading

Recipe – Organic Smoothiegasm

Contrary to popular belief, we have to unlearn everything we read. Even though Coconut Milk contains 25% saturated fat (aka solid at room temperature), it is good for your health.

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Event – Let’s Cook! Surf N’ Turf w/ @Plated AUG13


Let’s COOK Surf N’ Turf! The folks over at have generously donated 8 dishes. They will deliver most of the ingredients and recipe cards but we still have to pay for delivery, condiments, and of course wine!

We will be making swordfish and chicken piccata and will have to work for our dinner, but it’s not really work when you enjoy cooking right? For those who don’t want to/can’t cook, you are also welcome to join us! We will be eating the fruits of our labor.

$20 + eventbrite fees to secure your spot. Includes kitchen access, all ingredients and dinner w/ a glass of wine/cocktail. You just have to show up! Don’t worry about the dishes :)

Looking forward to seeing everyone!


Recipe – ‘Tarheel Country’ Cocktail

This is atypical of us, but we are going to divulge a recipe used in our i8 Supper Club. This drink was inspired by our #SouthernHolyGrail theme.  The ginger liqueur in this is handcrafted, hand labeled, and definitely lives up to its ‘intense’ namesake. In keeping with Carolina pride, we tried to do the South proud without getting too crazy and keeping with its roots. We felt the sweet tea brightened up the ‘donkey kick’ to your throat from the ginger, a good thing. The St Germain brought added some floral notes to round it out. The recipe is actually very simple… Continue reading

Event – i8 Supper Club JUL27 (Southern Holy Grail)

The theme for our next i8 Supper Club dinner was inspired by a trip down South to North Carolina. During our week long stay there, we not only ate our way through it, but we also visited a family farm and took a few cooking classes in a Southern home. The fruits of our labor and newly acquired knowledge will be showcased on July 27 when we bring you the best of Tarheel Country (with a twist as always). We have been busy with gigs outside of this realm, but we are especially excited about our comeback dinner from Hiatusville since February. Has it really been that long already? Anyway, here’s a Sweet Tea cheers to hoping you can join us! We will have a Southern guest chef and we may even get a food sponsor or two. BYOB as always :)

P.S. Yes, the Amuse is an entire biscuit, not a bite. We don’t skimp here!

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